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Print your favorite images

With multiple sizes of glass and metal available, you can easily create a visually stunning gallery right in your own space. We have everything you need to safely mount them onto your wall or to display on your tabletops.

What Are

Metal prints are specially coated sheets of high grade aluminum. Not all metal prints are created equal. We use the world’s leading brand, Chromaluxe. Their combination of color brilliance and superior durability make metal an unrivaled choice for your photos and artwork.

Why Choose

The dye-sublimation process creates gorgeous print quality while preserving your image for generations. Metal Prints are made to uphold your vision through the test of time with a weatherproof, UV and scratch resistant surface.

1. Choose
Choose your desired size and type of finish.
2. Upload
Upload your desired photo with a simple click.
3. Production
Print Or Dye prints your custom photo and ships it to your home.
Metal Prints Look Great

These metal prints will transform any commercial interior or living space into a high-class design experience. Metal prints comes in a variety of sizes, finishes, and mounting options giving you creative flexibility to give your business a high-end touch. We work with businesses such as restaurants, travel agencies, barber shops, fitness centers, doctor’s offices, just to name a few!


Print Or Dye takes pride in its premium quality digital printing services for your various needs. Get your designs and digital photographs in vinyl wraps, premium-grade glossy, matte finish, CYMK color, full-color, metal photo prints, glass photo prints, wood photo prints, canvas prints, and even photo to canvas. 

Print Or Dye uses the most advanced digital printers and equipment to give you top-notch technology and innovative designs for all of your digital printing needs. Our cutting-edge options are also budget-friendly. So whether you are working for promotional items such as flyers and business cards or looking for the perfect digital personal digital printing services, Print Or Dye is just right here at your service.

Print Or Dye offers the best custom banner printing services in Dallas, TX. We have two kinds of custom vinyl banner printing in DFW for worldwide use. You can go for 13 oz scrim or 10 oz for different purposes.

If you are looking for the best banner printing near me that’s highly affordable, durable, and suits your needs so well, Print Or Dye is just right at your fingertips to serve you anytime, anywhere. Our custom banners and business banners will truly make your business and event more productive and creative with longer-lasting value.


Canvas Art Printing Dallas, TX gives your home, office, and wide imagination a more lively and colorful meaning for your favorite wall art or any masterpiece. Ordering online custom canvas prints at Print Or Dye is as simple as counting 1-2-3. Just upload your file or image from our website. Then, choose the canvas size you want based on your preferences. Once you have placed your order, we process it right away for faster shipping and delivery.

Get the best custom canvas prints and wall art canvas options for your various needs only at Print Or Dye!

Image enhancement services and image manipulation are among the other top services that Print Or Dye cater to its valuable customers. Get the best quality photos and images using the highly innovative image enhancement and manipulation solutions with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. 

Have your photographs and images enhanced to the fullest potential with such awesome features as noise reduction, sharpness, lighting and color adjustments. So, if you are looking for the best image enhancement service near me or the best image manipulation services in Dallas, TX, Print Or Dye is just a call away and will be right there to give you everything you need in digital printing.


Are you looking for the best photo restoration services near me or somewhere in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas? Have your vintage photos or older images professionally restored at Print Or Dye. Our creative staff are not only well-versed in using the latest tools and technology but are highly trained and very professional when it comes to full photo restoration and in bringing your memorable moments back to life. 

Print Or Dye can have your photos fully restored within 24 hours. We aim to always give you the best of our services with 100% customer satisfaction or a money-back guarantee. Call Print Or Dye now or visit us soon!


Metal photo prints or printing photos on metal is a contemporary service that Print Or Dye caters to its customers for years. Have your old and new photos in metal prints for that more vibrant, durable, and adorable appeal. 

Print Or Dye’s metal photo prints near me Dallas, TX use sublimation so your photos stay vibrant and shiny through the years. Send us a file of your photograph or image for a high metal photo print that will truly last. Our highly skilled designers can also create designs for your desired metal prints. We also offer custom metal prints for gifts or promotional campaigns. Print Or Dye will create your metal prints in a matte, gloss metallic finish.

Print Or Dye offers custom T-shirt printing and even apparel printing for many brands here in Dallas Fort Worth. We print your custom designs in high-quality color, sharpness and other printing options for all kinds of garments from unisex tees to baby onesies and bibs. 

At Print Or Dye, you have unlimited designs to choose from as our talented designers are very flexible in working out what you have in mind into reality. So have your message, theme or logo custom printed in shirts, hoodies, hats, shoes, socks, pants, bags or anything you want to have printed out for you and your customers or family members and friends.


Our custom vinyl wall wraps are one of the top services that Print Or Dye offers. It offers numerous advantages and value to your business, office or any event space. Get your preferred ready-to-install vinyl prints that are indeed eye-catching and unique to your brand, business, office or any event. 

Print Or Dye gives you the power to communicate your cause, brand or business effectively while you stand out from the crowd with the great design’s durability you truly deserve. Vinyl wall wraps near me are truly convenient, gives you more sales and visibility and are even easy to remove whenever you want to change designs in the future.


Glass photo prints or printing your memories on glass is a cool way to preserve your events. Keep the kids and grandkids memories on glass with Print Or Dye’s cutting edge technology. Aside from its cool effect, glass photo prints are very durable. They are not prone to fading so you can preserve the color, vibrance, and overall tone of the picture by painting a thousand words. 

Everything is possible with Print Or Dye digital printing services featuring glass photo prints near me. Preserving old or even new photographs in glass is so easy. When placing an order, just upload your photo, pick your options, and we will respond to you right away regarding shipping and delivery.


Print Or Dye wood photo prints near me are great to keep if you prefer wood decorations in your home or office premises. Printing your memories on wood gives you that classic yet more sophisticated tone in valuing people and events.  

You can choose from a wide array of options. Get framed wood prints or any other style that matches your aesthetic preferences. Get that favorite childhood photo or  latest event in wood. Just upload your subject, pick your options and enter all necessary details, and we’ll be in touch with the soonest possible time for a faster process.


Vinyl window wraps are awesome ways to decorate your home or office windows with a twist. These are very easy to install and can fit custom windows as Print Or Dye makes everything easy and personalized for your business or personal use. 

These vinyl window wraps are not just good for keeping your windows neat and elegant. They help to protect your privacy while doing your tasks creatively and productively. On the outside, you can promote your brand, business or even say any message in a more persuading manner. All these and more are available only at Print Or Dye.

/ Coffin Wraps

Print Or Dye also offers vinyl wraps for coffins and caskets. This is to match the family’s preferences for their loved ones. These are easy to install since they’re made of vinyl. 

Our coffin wraps are also durable, memorable and super affordable!

Print Or Dye has a wide array of options. You can have photographic designs of your loved one’s or any design you want. You can even give your custom design or idea. Call or visit Print Or Dye now at the Town East Mall in Mesquite, TX and discuss with our creative staff your preferences. You can also upload your desired design and photos for a quick process.


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