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Interior Wall Wraps – A Great Way To Improve The Look Of Your Store Front

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Vinyl wraps in Dallas, TX

Many hospitals, stores and local business are implementing interior wall wraps to increase patient comfort, increase traffic and improve the appearance and health of their store fronts.

Wall wraps are commonly applied in the clinical setting to enhance patient care by giving the facility an attractive appearance. They are used as “on the job” improvements and make work in the medical facility more efficient by offering a calming and relaxing ambiance as well. Interior & exterior wall wraps are a growing trend in healthcare, especially in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical and rehabilitation facilities. Many businesses in Dallas Fort Worth are also seeing the benefits of getting their walls and windows wrapped by Print Or Dye.

Make your space unique!

A vinyl sticker is typically applied onto the walls to convert a bare room into a creative space. The wraps range in size and can cover walls of many different sizes. For very large walls we may have to put the wraps on in sections. Large, multi-colored wall warps are usually used for cosmetic enhancements, and they always look better than walls with generic looking wallpaper. Custom interior wall wraps are made to make your place look unique and stand out to those passing by.

Before the addition of interior wall wraps, your rooms probably appeared dull, sterile and lifeless. Customers in these spaces did not notice anything unique. Let’s be honest here, there is nothing special about a blank room, unless you have a metal photo print hanging on the wall from Print Or Dye of course, that will definitely draw attention.

Being different makes since, literally!

Many business professionals are starting to see the positive benefits of using interior wall wraps for these reasons and many more. The use of vinyl images and graphics is becoming increasingly popular in the marketing and public relations fields. It seems that, just like many other marketing strategies, interior wall wraps have found their niche and are successfully making a name for themselves as a great tool for communicating messages that are intended to strengthen the bond between patients and healthcare professionals and even between family members. The message can be conveyed through simple, yet effective designs. These wall graphics can make any room seem more comfortable and warm, making it easier to provide patients with a positive experience.

In addition, exterior wall wraps provide a great way to decorate the exterior of a building. Wraps can add flair to any commercial, institutional, or residential building. This decor adds a personal touch and can also be beneficial in increasing property values. The wrappings can range in color and theme from traditional, to modern, to country themes. One can even get custom works done on these designs; something that is not always possible when using vinyl images or graphics.

As one might expect, the cost of interior wall wraps is very affordable. Print Or Dye will create a digital file of the designs and can be used for a wide variety of different purposes. This digitally printed file can then be used to produce customized pieces of art. Digital file images can be created in full color, sepia or gray tones – whatever the exact look you or the interior designer is trying to convey.

Promotional items and tax benefits

The great thing about using wall wraps in offices or retail environments is that the design does not have to be permanently applied. This gives room designers a chance to explore new design ideas. For example, by using vinyl wraps in Dallas, TX rather than permanent paints, walls can be given a fresher look and feel without the expense and time involved in changing existing walls. Using this method will also allow for quick changes and updates to be made to rooms if they become outdated. The goal of promotional advertising is to enhance the customer experience and present them with something fresh and new, and of course drive traffic to your store to make a sale. We are not legal, or tax advisors but, why not spend the time and money to stand out of the crowd, promotional items like wall wraps are tax deductible!