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What Type of Glossy Metal Print Can I Select?

Metal Photo Printing in Dallas Fort Worth Texas USA

Glossy metallic colors can really add to the fun and excitement of any design. Whether it is metallic lettering or the metallic foil stamp, metallic designs can really add charm to any design, especially if the color is intense and vibrant. Metallic art has existed for centuries, but it was not until recent years that artists have started using gloss and matt finish in their work. There are two main types of gloss inks – metallic and matt. They come in a wide variety of styles and prices to suit just about everyone’s budget.

Metallic photo prints are made using a protective layer of liquid matte paint over a photograph. Then the desired metallic paper is applied. Underneath the paper is a clear top coat that protects the ink underneath from getting damaged. A high contrast shiny metallic foil is then applied. The shiny foil allows the metallic ink to easily dry under the high contrast lighting required to make the desired metallic layer.

Photo prints are popular wall decals for businesses, schools, homes, and offices. They are very popular in interior design as well as advertising, particularly on business cards, shirts, and promotional materials. Metallic prints are available in a wide range of finishes including metallic silver, metallic gold, matte white, semi-gloss black, and high contrast black. They are also available in different sizes so that they can be used to create custom size borders, inserts, or stickers. Metallic art can really stand out when applied to the walls in bright colors or subtle earthy hues.

Matte metal wall art has similar characteristics to gloss metal prints in terms of high gloss, high contrast, and texture. When the metal print is applied to a wall, it overlays the existing wallpaper. This type of wall decal is usually metallic in color but may also incorporate other colors or images. That goes for saying, when your looking for Metal Photo Prints in Dallas, TX Print Or Dye does it the best! Some matte stickers have a smooth metallic surface which makes them easy to remove and replace when the need arises.

High gloss metallic artwork is often created using a combination of matte and metallic paper. A two-sided matte metal print is placed on the paper and peeled off. A metal backside is then added where the design was first printed. Some metallic wall art print products require that you apply a second layer of matte metal onto the backside of the artwork. The matte metal layer provides a metallic effect that works well with a variety of styles and themes.

If you would like to find more colorful options for your metallic wall decals, consider looking for lumachrome prints. lumachrome is available in vibrant colors including deep burgundy and wine tones. These types of metallic designs work well with formal settings and are also very stylish.

If you want to add a dash of color to a plain wall, consider having metallic flecks of paint applied to your favorite artwork. There are many companies that offer this service but most often you will have your own personalized touch applied to your print. You can choose from metallic silver flecks, bold colors such as red, green, blue, purple and black or more subdued yet attractive colors such as brown, tan, gold and silver.

If you prefer a floating metallic art print with a more intricate design, consider purchasing a floating wall plaque that works best in an open area. If you have a space where you could conceivably display multiple pieces of art, you may prefer mounting your print on an adjustable floating stand. An adjustable float frame will allow the viewer to move the displayed piece to a preferred location on the wall without fear of it getting knocked over.