Digital Printing Services

Digital Printing Service Dallas, TX

Digital Photographs and Designs

Print Or Dye offers the best quality digital prints in DFW with a variety of digital printing methods available, including canvas prints,  metal photo prints, wood photo  prints, glass photo  prints, photo to canvas, full color, CMYK color, matte finish, and premium grade glossy, vinyl wraps and much more! Depending on your printing requirements and budget, you can choose a digital printing method, which offers the best results.

Canvas prints are ideal for short prints and small posters. These prints can also be used for large posters, calendars and invitations. These digital printing services are offered both for prints on paper as well as prints printed directly onto fabric. A variety of digital printing methods are used for canvas prints such as stretched canvas, photo print to Canvas, heat pressed canvas, and so forth. These prints can be personalized using embroidery services, thereby enhancing the beauty of these prints.

Photo to canvas and full color digital printing services near me are suitable for high-quality large format images or prints. They work well for calendars and portraits. They are also useful for creating large posters and billboards. For digital printing services in this case, the image required must be digital photos or scanned images.

Advanced Digital Printers & Equipment

The digital printing machines we use are the latest technology and use a variety of custom ink solutions to produce excellent quality prints. The common ink solutions include oil, latex, polyester, and digital ink. Printers usually offer printer-specific packages for printing with specific inks. Depending on your printing needs, you can use appropriate digital printing services.

The printing industry is growing at a fast pace. There are numerous digital printing machines available to meet the printing needs of various clients. The different types of printers available include ink jet printers, pressure printers, dot matrix printers, and thermal printers. All these printers use ink cartridges to generate the ink that is used in the printing process. The inkjet printers and the pressure printers use different types of ink cartridges, while the dot matrix printers and thermal printers use similar types of ink cartridges.

Promotional Items – Business Cards & Flyers

When you need to send out several high quality printed materials to an unlimited number of people, such as a business card, you should consider a printing business that offers digital printing services. Many printing companies offer digital printing to create beautifully printed business cards, t-shirts, flyers, brochures, and letterhead. You can design and create a beautiful card to send to a friend, family member, or colleague. Many printing businesses also offer digital printing to produce banners, posters, signs, and billboards. Print Or Dye produces high quality graphics for printing materials such as business cards or flyers, you should consider a printing company that offers custom graphic services. You can get business cards printed in just about any size you need and in color or black and white. You can also choose to have your business cards professionally designed by a professional artist.

Vinyl Wraps

Incorporate graphics onto your walls without having to pay outrageous prices. You can use heat transfer vinyl graphics, available in rolls similar to wallpaper, to stick images onto walls. Place any photo or graphic elements of your choice. Our heat transfer vinyl graphics are also available in different colors, allowing you to coordinate colors for each location where sign placement is important and are all 100% customizable.

Metal Photo Prints

If you are looking for high-quality prints that last for a long time, go for a premium, metallic, matte finish. Matte finish offers high-quality image reproduction without excessive distortion. The high-quality print is usually glossy, with a subliminal flat affect. The matte finish is highly durable and resistant to scratches. You can also enjoy extra protection by applying a clear protective coating on the metal photo print.

To give metal photo prints a classy look, we offer a variety of custom finishes. Choose from matte, gloss, and foil. Depending on the intended purpose of the print, we also have different finishing options. Metal finishes such as matte and gloss have higher values when compared to the previous one.