Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a business banner?

• They are the most economical way to brand your business or event.

• Your message is seen weeks, months, and even years after being put up due to their long life span.

• Banners are easily moved, removed, and reused at other locations without causing damage to structures.

Are banners expensive?

No! The quality of material we use guarantees you a banner that will last for years yet still look great – you should expect the best value in the industry when you choose Print Or Dye. We can make any size banner with special ink-receptive coatings available on request for outdoor banners. All signs are printed in full color (four color process) which allows us to print logos or images that accurately represent your company, product, or services.

For more information about our Business Banners Services: Print Or Dye please feel free to contact us. Our team members are looking forward to working with you soon.

Why should I get canvas wall art?

You can get custom wall art to fit perfectly in your home or office. You can also get a wall hanging to give as a gift. Our service is great for housewarming gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, and more!

What are the size options?

We have four different sizes available for our canvas prints. You can select 16″x20″, 20″x 24″, 24″x 36″, 30″x40″. Each option has its own benefits depending on where you plan to hang it. Do you want something that will stand out over your couch? Get the largest option they have! Or maybe you want the picture itself to be the focal point of the room. In this case, go with something smaller like 20″x24″.

What kind of image quality should I use for my photo?

Our canvas prints look their best and stand out in a high-quality setting. We suggest using images with resolutions of at least 1000 pixels in height and width to get the best result. This is because we enhance each file so that it can be printed out in amazing detail and color. Using an image without enough resolution will cause the print to come out blurry and pixelated which will ruin any good impression you were hoping to create. As long as you have the photo, we can enhance the photograph for you and use that for the canvas printing. We have printed 1000’s of photographs from people’s phones, no worries.

How do I upload my image?

It’s easier than ever! You simply go onto our website, upload your file, then continue through the checkout where you can select which size option you want or add other items such as different frames, more copies, or gift options.

What kind of images can I print?

You can print any image that fits one of the standard wall art canvas sizes. We suggest using photos, paintings, drawings, and anything else you can find. If you want to upload a different type of file like an architectural rendering or presentation then just let us know during checkout so we can help you with that process!

Do you offer installation services?

We offer professional installation services on our larger size canvas prints only (30″x40″ and up). For these larger options there is an additional cost involved which will be discussed with the customer before payment. The reason for this added service is because it requires special equipment for the proper hanging of certain types of walls or frames.

We do not offer installation services for any smaller options due to the fact that they can be easily hung on nails, screws, and other simple hanging devices already found in most homes today. In the future, if our company grows we may offer this service as well but right now it is just too costly to maintain without a larger customer base being available to support it.

What types of t-shirt materials do you offer?

All-cotton t-shirts are the most popular. They come in different styles, sizes, and colors. For example, unisex tees & ladies fitted t-shirts are available to fit all body types. You can also choose from scoop necks, v necks, raglan sleeve t-shirts, baby onesies & bibs, V neck t-shirt hoodies, and tank tops.

How many colors are allowed for my design?

We offer screen printing or DTG digital direct to garment print services that can print a one-color design on a basic white cotton tee shirt with no background color or 2 colors if your graphic includes black as one of its primary colors. Keep in mind that you will have an additional charge for every color above the two colors that you will want to print on your t-shirt design. How many colors are included in the color matching process?

With our color matching services, we use Pantone® Color Code standards for accurate & consistent results. We also allow an additional 3 colors only if the first 2 colors on your artwork will be 100% black and white with an equal amount of ink coverage on both colors.

Samples are available upon request so you can see how it looks when printed out before making a purchase. What type of shirt material is used for printing?

We have different fabric types where you can choose from depending on your preferences: Basic T-shirts (100% cotton), Fashion T-shirts (50/50 cotton/polyester), Performance T-shirts (100% polyester), Vintage T-shirts (100% cotton pre-shrunk) & Ultra Cotton Hoodies (80% cotton, 20% polyester). 

What is a Wall Wrap?

A wall wrap is a graphic print that adheres directly to the wall. Wall wraps are typically used to brand retail spaces like stores, bars, restaurants, or office spaces. It is also commonly used for events

What does Print or Dye offer Wall Wrap services?

Print Or Dye is a digital printing service in Mesquite, TX and offers both wall art prints and full-color wall graphic installations. Print or Dye can install any design you bring us, unless it contains copyrighted material we cannot install designs with copyrighted material.

How much does a wall wrap cost?

The cost of your wall wrap can vary depending on the sizes and number of colors needed for production. Fill out our inquiry form below with specifications about your project to receive an estimate. You can also call or email us with any questions you may have about pricing & services offered.

What is included in the price?

Typically, printing costs will be separate from labor costs when you get a quote for a project. Print or Dye quotes include printing time and materials only, not installation.

What is Digital Printing?

The term digital printing is usually used when describing new high-tech forms of printing on a variety of materials, such as fabrics, ceramics, plastics, metal, paper, and more. Printers use advanced digital printing technology to produce highly accurate and vibrant images in minutes. With digital printing, the physical act of printing (which may include hot lamination, cold lamination, or combined techniques) is digitally transformed to produce printed media. This transformation requires no additional tools or ingredients other than ink cartridges, digital printing machines, and a digital printing service provider.