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Metal wall art is a unique concept that allows you to display your favorite designs and pictures in ways that weren’t possible before. At Print Or Dye, we pride ourselves on our ability to create the highest quality metal wall art around. We want you to be able to show off everything from your child’s photograph to your company logo without worrying about it looking mediocre.

Printing photos on metal is a relatively new medium for displaying artwork and photographs and is the biggest thing happening in 2022 and beyond when it comes to photography art. Still, it has been gaining popularity over the last few years as people have started realizing its benefits of wall art and gifts. 

Metal prints near me give your design a three-dimensional look because of how light reflects off the picture frame’s different surfaces. The way this happens makes it appear as if the lighting was coming from behind the design. This illusion makes the picture look much more life-like, which is an aspect that other mediums can’t compare to.

You can choose between glossy, matte, or metallic coating.  Our metal prints are durable and long-lasting. In addition, you can choose between aluminum or stainless steel, which will depend on the end-use of the photo. Each material has its benefits; aluminum is lightweight and rustic, while stainless steel has a clean, contemporary look. We do not use digital printing methods for our metal wall art service. All pictures are printed through sublimation, so they will continue to shine brightly even after years of exposure to light.

Metal photo prints near me Dallas, TX are perfect for displaying photographs in your home or office because it adds interest to an otherwise simple picture. Metal takes any design from ordinary to extraordinary with just one picture frame. So whether you’re looking for something classic like black or silver, or if you want something funky like gold or copper, metal wall art will provide you with the ability to show off your favorite pictures in a way that is sure to impress everyone who sees them.

We also offer metal décor service for any occasion. Personalizing gifts and accessories at Print Or Dye has never been easier! The great thing about our website is that you can upload a picture and have it printed on whatever type of material you need. This makes customizing anything from cups to hats a breeze, so feel free to browse around our site and discover all of the different products we have available for customization.

Why get photos printed on metal?

Metal prints are becoming more and more popular because of how versatile the medium is. metallic photo prints can be displayed anywhere, whether it’s in your living room or office space. You can even get creative with different metal frames that will suit the decor inside of any room! For example, you could choose a copper frame to give an industrial vibe to a warehouse or a bronze frame for a vintage look in an old library. The possibilities are endless when it comes to metal wall art services.

Another excellent quality of metal wall art is how versatile it is. We have tons of different sizes, colors, and frames that you can choose from to customize your design however you want it to be displayed. Metal wall art also makes for a great gift because it’s valuable and unique enough that almost anyone would appreciate having their design hanging on their wall.

Do you offer design services?

Yes, we do! We have a talented team of designers who can create a custom Print Or Dye design specifically for you. Then, upload the artwork you want onto our website, and they will work with you to modify it until it meets all of your needs. Once they create the design, they will send it over for final approval before printing or dyeing anything. There are no surprises when dealing with us, and we know that everyone is happy with their metal wall art service!

Types Of Metal Print Finishes

Matte Finish

The brushed photograph finish actually looks like a matte surface when  printed onto a durable yet thin piece of metal. The matte finish is said to be more refined, less flamboyant, more refined in its appearance and more modern.

Metallic Finish

There are various companies which offer quality metal photo prints as beautiful gifts to your loved ones. The metallic coating on photo print materials helps to add shine and vibrancy to the prints. We give any size metal print the matte coat finish to deliver the perfect look for the walls in your rooms.

Gloss Finish

These kinds of photo prints are widely used by people who enjoy taking pictures in all kinds of conditions, whether they be indoor or outdoor. Glistening photo prints can often be seen on menus in restaurants and reception areas. As the title suggests, a glossy photo finish basically glosses over the image in question so that it has a shiny, reflective shine to it. This is done in order to reduce reflections. The reason why glossy photo finishes work best with certain kinds of images is because they reduce the amount of reflection and glare that is caused by the rays of light that hit an object. It’s worth noting that both the paper and the backing material behind the glossy photo print are usually made from the same kind of material as the Matte finish.

Why Choose Us


At Print Or Dye, we have years of experience creating metal wall art looking forward to helping you get started with one of our designs today! Why not take advantage of our free proof process so you don’t have to worry about anything when you order.

Our metal printing service is the best around, and we’re confident that we’ll be able to create something perfect for you! We understand that time is essential in this busy world, so we do everything to expedite the process by providing proofs within 24 hours and getting your print in your hands as fast as possible.

Bring in any photo or your phone with the pictures that you like. Will will use these photos that you love and imprint them on our metal with a metallic, matte, or glossy finish of your choice.

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